Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quiet Please

I realize this blog has been pretty quiet lately. Do you ever get in a funk? I think the winter weather (that refuses to go away) has gotten to me a little. It is April and I'm desperate for some sunshine. Should I blame the overcast skies on global warming? Summer IS coming...right?

Yet in another way I can't beleive the school year nearing the end. My little dude will be done with Kindergarten and heading to 1st Grade in the fall. When I think of time and how it relates to my children it seems to be flying by way too quickly. So with that said, why has this winter dragged on so long for me? I have issues! I guess not being able to deal with grey skies for weeks on end is one of them. Okay, granted that is the least of my problems... ha, ha.

Oh gosh. I don't know what else to say. It has just been one of those days. Tomorrow is Monday and we are back to the regular routine of life. For me it is chauffeuring my kids around, laundry, cleaning and cooking. I need break. Even one day would be nice. Maybe then I wouldn't be so grumpy.

Online Community

My girlfriend and I were talking last week about the sense of community. When we were growing up we knew our neighbors. Our families would get together for neighborhood barbecues. I think everyone kept an eye out for one another’s kids. There was a real sense of community.

I do not see that as much any more. More families have both parents working out side of the home now. We all seem much more busy and more rushed. The sense of community in our neighborhoods is not there.

So where are we gathering? If you were to ask me I’d say on the internet. More and more people are writing blogs and joining on line communities. Someone recently suggested I join 3gb community It is a place to meet new friends and even find some old friends that you’ve lost tough with. You can upload your photo albums, join group blogs, hear the latest mp3 hits, and chat with other members.

It sounds really neat. I’ve never found my way onto other community sites. I have always stuck to my comfort zone of blogging. However, it doesn’t hurt to check it out.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I had been fighting a terrible, painful toothache. I hate the dentist. I mean… I really despise going. A few years ago I had a terrible experience. I was always a nervous patient, now I am a serious wreck. I just don’t trust dentists.

I know the importance of dental hygiene. I do not need to be lectured on that. I go for my 6-month cleanings (with great fear – but I DO go).

So here I was with a sore tooth. What the heck? I wanted to believe I had irritated gums. I wanted to believe the pain would go away. I started chewing on one side of my mouth. I told myself that it was getting better. It wasn’t.

So last week I went in to the dentist. I swear I didn’t sleep the night before. Apparently I had cracked a tooth. I needed a crown. Oh…that was FUN (said with much sarcasm). I seriously wish I could just pull out all my teeth and just have false teeth. I’d have no more cavities and beautiful, perfect white teeth. A nice dream.

lap band surgery

In the past I have written about my cousin. For almost a year she has been researching and contemplating weight-loss procedures. Last month she visited a los angeles lap band doctor. She has been leaning towards JourneyLite surgical centers. She likes that they put importance on her comfort from start to beginning. My cousin likes that they think of everything. From roomier gowns to wider hallways, bathrooms with handicap railings, and chairs without arms. It is those seemingly little things that make a big difference.

For now my cousin is still contemplating. It is a big decision and I think she feels it is the right one for her. It is a big step though, so I am glad she is taking her time and not just jumping into it without being fully educated and certain. I’ll keep you posted!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008




This was posted on one of my favorite sites Post Secret this week. On one hand I can understand that teachers are human. They picked their profession to work with children. They perhaps didn't anticipate having to deal with parents on a daily basis. I will also say that I'm sure some parents are more of a hindrance then a help.

"Some" being a key word.

As a stay-at-home mom the comment about "getting a life and a job" was very insultive. I hate the stereotype that we just sit on the couch and eat bon-bons. I am here to say that we do not live vicariously through our children. I feel I have a life and an identity outside of being a mother.

I don't know. I'll stop now because I could rant for ever. I just hope I never have to deal with a teacher who views me in this light.

Monday, February 25, 2008


This is cool. Take a moment and read the following information below!

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