Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Really Bad Secret

Little Dude can make you laugh without even trying. Before the school year ended he came home one day with a new game he had been playing with his friends. Proudly he declared to me that he was a “bad guy”.

“Mom” he said, “I’m a SECRET”

A secret?

“Yeah Mom…a Really Bad Secret

Mmmmmm... okay.

My guess is Little Dude and his preschool buddies were only half listening to their teacher when she explained keeping secrets was bad. He wasn't overly interested in listening when I tried to explain what a secret was either.

So every once in a while Butter Bean will request a dishtowel cape and with her sunglasses on she becomes a super hero who is out to catch the bad guy.

Litte Dude of course plays the role of the villain.

"You can't catch me" I hear him say, "I'm the Bad Secret".

How can you not smile at that?

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Casey said...

LOL! That's too cute. :)