Saturday, July 7, 2007

Don't Talk To Me!

"Don’t talk to me.”

This is Butter Bean’s new favorite phrase. It is said with a scowl on her face. Nice isn’t it? Just what every mother wants to hear from their littlest darling. My little girl is growing up and gaining a little attitude. Her teenage years could be interesting…

Is it a girl thing?

At the age of three she already knows what she likes and what she wants. She won’t wear “just anything”. Butter Bean is also into her accessories and having her hair done just so. Good luck trying to change her mind on something too. She is not easily swayed.

Yes, the teenage years will be fun!

1 comment:

Casey said...

I do believe it is a girl thing. My lovely 2 year old daughter is already telling me that. And "Leave me a-rone!!"

And the pouting - oh my goodness. Girls are a trip, aren't they?