Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pushy Bloggers

Do you know any pushy bloggers? I have one. She keeps a private blog so her list of readers is very small. Maybe it is because of her small list that she has become so pushy.

It had been a few days since I last logged onto her site. I had a few posts to catch up on. One ended with, “Please feel free to keep the comments flowing people”. I noticed no one had commented. Her late post was even more direct, “Email me if you have any trouble commenting, should you make the effort as I have you all on the permission list to the best of my knowledge.”

I will admit that I am a lazy commenter. I don’t always stop to post. I’m sorry. I am not very witty. I can never leave clever little comments like others do. I lack that talent. So sometimes when nothing comes to mind I will skip it.

Looking at my friend’s blog I noticed her pushiness didn’t produce any comments from her readers. Maybe she will catch on that her comments will only alienate people…I hope so. If you are wondering…I didn’t leave a comment either.

PS: Oh yeah, and don’t forget to comment people! (I thought I’d throw in a little sarcasm – LOL)

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Casey said...

Personally - for me what gets to me is the freakin' passworded posts. I refuse to ask people for passwords because I don't want to play that game. If you want to post it, then post it but skip the password. If it's that sensitive *don't post it*!!!