Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sugar High

Confession: While watching Shaq’s weight lost show last night I found myself rummaging through the kitchen cupboards looking for a tasty snack.

I was sure I had a bag of chocolate M&M’s on the top shelf. I’m guessing my husband found my hiding spot. I thought a few unkind words when I came up empty handed.

I know it was quite the irony considering I was watching Shaq’s show that is all about eating better and exercising. At least I enjoy my chocolate on my “off hours”. I wait until the kids are in bed and are non-the-wiser. Of course this way I don’t have to share either! :)

1 comment:

Casey said...

Ok - I think it's totally funny (and so like something I would do) to watch a TV show like this and still go looking for junk food. :) My favorite time for junk is after the kids are in I don't have to share! :)