Monday, July 23, 2007


Our crazy cat is at it again. I swear he is more work then the kids some days. Don’t get me wrong; I love my little white beast. I really do.

We were out a lot this weekend. I guess he wanted us to know he missed us. Lets just say I need to go drapery shopping for new dinning room curtains.

We don’t believe in de-clawing…but in moments like this I can’t help but consider it.

I also keep thinking as WyKat ages he will grow out of the “claw to destroy” phase. Am I kidding myself?

I don’t know…

It is incidents like this that make being a pet owner so expensive!

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Casey said...

I'm with you on the declawing though we did end up having to do it to one of our cats. It was either that or give her up - she was so destructive. We dealt with it for years but then it got to the point that something had to be done (we tried all the "tried and true" things like spraying water, appropriate clawing places, etc). I'm glad we had it done but I still feel guilty over having to have it done. None of my other cats have ever been like Taz so we never once considered it for anyone else. Good luck with your furry one...and I hope it isn't too expensive to replace the curtains.