Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bathroom Talk

Our little guy has always had an aversion to standing up while using the potty. He'd willingly try, but perhaps he suffered from performance anxiety. He has always sat down and used the potty seat. This weekend my husband made it his mission to help little dude succeed.

Sunday night while getting ready for bed there was (at last) success. The cheers erupted as little dude beamed with pride.

Our little butter bean watched and assessed the the situation. Then she declared, "Me stand up too". It was just like a scene from a sitcom. She refused to sit on the potty. She wanted to stand up just like her brother. The poor girl had a total melt down. She just didn't understand why we wouldn't let her at least try.

I felt bad for her and tried unsuccessfully to make her undersand. However she could not be reasoned with.

It was clear the next morning that butter bean hadn't forgotten about the night before. She had clearly been accessing the situation and had come to a conclusion.

"Momma, when me get bigger I stand up to go pee-pee".

So for now she is happy to sit.


L. said...

Ummm... I hate to bring this up in your moment of triumph and all, but if he stands, he will drip and spray. You do know this, right?

Speaking as the chief bathroom-scrubber and stale-pee cleaner in a household of multiple toddlers, I'm not so sure this is a good thing...

(This is MaryP, by the way. You have your blog set to refuse anonymous comments, and I use WordPress, so blogger doesn't recognize me.)

Frazzled Mom said...

Hummm...Can't say that that ever occured to me. Now after a few days of "standing up" I suddenly understand everything you said Mary.

I fixed my settings too - thanks