Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Fog is Clearing

The fog (being lack of sleep) is starting to clear. The kids finally slept through the night last night. This allowed me some much needed uninterrupted sleep. I think they are both finally over that flu bug (knock on wood). At least it happened now and not the first week of school.

Any way, I've been pretty much walking around in a haze the past 4 days or so. It's nice feeling semi-human again. It's also nice to see the kids acting like kids again. Even if that includes fighting with each other. They have had it the toughest and they were both real troopers.

As for my mama drama...I don't know. I'm glad I live far away and can stay uninvolved. There are rumors of course. The juicy kind too. Cheating spouses, cover-ups and the like. I don't know how true it is at this point. It is interesting though...

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