Saturday, August 4, 2007


There are some days I could kill the man. Seriously. I feel like I’m talking to myself because obviously I’m wasting my time speaking to him. He has drawn his own conclusion and I can tell he isn’t listening to a word I’m saying.

Other times he contradicts himself completely. Then tries to deny it by passing blame on me. “No I didn’t say that...", he'll start off meekly. Then he'll conclude with a cowardly cop-out, "…you did”.


Seriously…be a “Man” and fess up. I only lose respect for you when you either:

A. Play dumb
B. Deny, deny, deny
C. Try and pass blame
D. Have sudden amnesia

Maybe I am PMSing, but man my husband can annoy me to no end sometimes.

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Casey said...

It isn't just men either - my partner drives me crazy like this too. :)