Friday, August 17, 2007

I Never Noticed

I never noticed how many dishes my family used until our dishwasher broke. My husband hasn't given up hope that he'll be able to fix what ever is wrong with it. This means I'm washing dishes by (gasp) hand! Oh the agony!

There is another update on my friends back home. I guess Sandra (the other woman) and her husband have broken up. From what I hear it hadn't been good between them for a couple of years. Sandra and (Jen's husband) Dave's relationship started off innocent and completely platonic. They'd email each other occasionally at work and then started meeting for lunch now and then, since they both work downtown. Our group was close and we know each other's spouses pretty well. In the beginning they didn't keep their lunch dates a secret from their spouses. As it was no big deal. I guess at some point it became an emotional affair that later turned physical. I don't know how true this is, but apparently Sandra is hoping Dave will leave Jen for her.

It is so easy for me to report like this is the latest news on Brittany Spears. Yet I know this is real and complicated and a lot of people are in pain. I feel bad for everyone really. I know everyone and it is hard for me to understand. I don't want to judge them, as I have no right too. I believe they are good people and loving parents.

Our close group of friends are very angry and are taking sides with Jennifer and Ben (the betrayed ones). Sandra must feel very a lone right now. This is just a sad, sad situation.

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