Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's Dark Outside...What does it mean?

This weekend has been a blurrr. One ugly vomit induced blur.

It just wouldn't be fair if my son didn't get sick too...right? Just when I thought the worst was over with Butter Bean my little dude gets sick. Like typical kids they hate to feel like they are missing out on things. I'm trying to be funny and to laugh at the situation, but seriously I can feel the tears coming.

It's just the flu, Hopefully the 48 hour kind. It isn't the end of the world.

Yet, after being thrown up on for 2 days straight and living on zero sleep I kind of feel like it is. It is dark outside and I swear if I didn't have the TV on right now (Extreme Make Over - Home Addition) you could of easily convinced me it was morning and the sun is rising...

Okay...why am I updating my blog when I could be sleeping?

Well...the house is quiet...both kids are a sleep (and will hopefully stay that way). I just want to escape for a few minutes. Or maybe I'm throwing a pity party and I'm looking for guests. LOL. Hell, it is probably a bit of both!

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