Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Creepy Neighbor

A while back I blogged about the barbecue party neighbors of ours hosted. We met several couples who live on our street that night. There was that one dude who made the "keys in the fish bowl" comment as we were leaving.

A few of the women around here have since commented on him. I'm glad to say I'm not the only one he creeps out. My neighbors seem to think he'd gladly participate in a wife swap. Who knows, maybe he would.

Let me just say all the power to him. I don't care what people do behind closed doors. I guess an open marriage can work for some couples. It's not unheard of right? I'm not going to preach against it. All I will say is it isn't for me.

My real point was this neighbor guy just plan creeps me out. He sits out on his front porch a lot. I try to be neighborly so I'll wave hello when I pass by. However it is now getting to the point that I'm sending my husband out to get the mail because I don't want to deal with him. I'm even cringing when my kids want to go for a walk or take their bikes out.

You see, only on a few rare occasions do I get away with a wave hello. When he sees me, he'll come up to the sidewalk to talk. I always feel uncomfortable around him and I think he senses that. Maybe he even gets a kick out of it. The couple other wives in the neighborhood feel the same way.

There is something just not right with him. The way he talks...and the way he looks at you.

I'm NOT saying he is undressing me with his eyes or anything. (I know I'm not all that - ha, ha). I don't know...I guess I just can't explain it. My guard just goes up around the guy.

This just sucks.

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super des said...

Throw a water balloon at him. Nobody is creepy after being doused with a bomb. Plus, he might not approach you any more because he'll think you're crazy and unpredictable. And you get to laugh at him.