Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Hang Over

I was up late last night. I was fighting a terrible migraine. I think I over did it on Halloween chocolate while watching TV earlier. I lead such a sad little life, don't I? I don't know. Chocolate is such a weakness of mine. Yet, I know if I eat too much of it I will get a bad migraine.

I'm in my late 30's. You'd think I would know better by now. I regulate how much candy my kids eat. Why can't I enforce the same rules on myself? Sad, sad, sad!

Today, I am not feeling the best. Partly because I'm still dealing with my Halloween hang over. As well, I am feeling a little foolish and embarrassed by my chocolate binging. When did I become a middle aged mom who sits around eating junk food at night? I really, really need to get out more.

Today I have my little girl home with me. She is sick too. Except she has a cold. A lovely runny nose and a terrible sounding cough. I'm letting lay low and rest. She is watching Snow White right now. Hopefully we both will be feeling better for the weekend.

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