Friday, November 30, 2007

Writer's Strike

Rumor has it this coming week with be the last for many of our favorite television shows. This writer's strike has gone on for over a month now.

If you read my blog regularly, you know I lack an exciting life (well, what most people would consider exciting anyway). I live for my favorite shows each week. One of my favorites is already affected. The Office. I think they ran out of new shows 2 weeks ago.


My girlfriend and I were talking about this on the phone this afternoon. I guess this Sunday is Desperate Housewives last taped episode. My brother told me they may not even air Lost this year...or ever. Not enough episodes have been written to air. It's bad enough this will probably be it's last season. Now because of the writer's strike we may never see another episode.

I've noticed commercials for more game shows. I bet reality tv will be full force again too.

I guess this is just a post designed for me to pout and complain. I'm a frazzled mom - seriously. I need to escape my life for an hour or two each night. It keeps me sane!

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