Monday, July 2, 2007

Customers are Giving Starbucks a Bad Name

Is it just me? I seem to come across the rudest people standing in line at Starbucks.

Not too long ago I was in Safeway with my kids. I went over to the Starbucks (located inside the store) and stood in line with my full cart and kids. Two men in fancy business suits were in front of me. One started to huff and puff about my cart. It wasn’t in his way by any means. And let’s get serious – we were in a GROCERY store. He was concerned that my cart was blocking his exit. Without a word I moved it off to the side. A gentleman behind me spoke up and said, “Couldn’t you leave out the exit (opposite direction of me) instead of hassling a mother with two young kids? Fancy businessman just laughed and said, “What?” Nice huh? It wasn’t surprising that these men were too superior to walk over to pick up their coffee at the next counter. They of course left through the entrance too.

Just yesterday at the same Safeway at the same Starbucks a woman blatantly cut in front of me. Wearing her teenage daughter’s low rider jeans with sparkly pockets, she turned and glared at my direction as she placed her large order. Clearly my loud and slightly out of control kids were annoying her. I so didn’t care. Seriously, I would have been out of there with my Latte had she not jumped in line.

I don’t know about you, but I freely give people my “I’m so unimpressed with you” look. However with two young kids as an audience I usually stay silent.

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Casey said...

People can be such obnoxious asses. Sorry about your line experiences - that sucks. I'm like you, when I have my babies with me I usually remain quiet except for taking loud audible deep breaths. You just never know who might flip their lid and hurt you or be even bigger asses in front of your kids.