Monday, July 2, 2007

An Open Letter

Open letters are all the fashion right now. I hear all the top listed celebrities are doing it, so why not me? I know I am just a frazzled mom, but I have a few things I’d like to say to the older gentleman in the Blue Buick this afternoon

Dear Sir,

Did you see me laughing? Seriously, I really hope you did.

I know you were trying to aggravate me. I quickly caught on to your motive. My only question is why?

Seriously sir, what possessed you to try and ruin the day of a mother in a 9-year (no thrills) family car with two occupied car seats in the back?

I was two cars behind you in the left turning lane. When the light turned green you took your sweet time moving your car. I’m pretty sure your 20-mile an hour speed limit (in a 55 zone) was the reason the car in front of me roared passed you. That would be my guess any way.

I gave you a chance to pick up your speed. I was following a safe distance behind you. I had no ill feelings towards your lack of motivation to move. After all it had been a lazy Monday afternoon for the kids and I. We just finished running a few errands and were all in a good mood (a rarity with my kids). Although I was in no rush to get home, I was hoping to get there TODAY

So can you blame me for wanting to pass you? I used my turn signal and moved into the other lane. As I approached you turned on your signal as if you were about to move into my lane.

I quickly moved back to avoid an accident…but you just stayed in the same lane and kept your signal on.

I moved back behind you and watched as you turned your signal from left to right at the next set of lights. Just to toy with me I realize now…as you drove straight through.

Sir, I think it would do you some good to find yourself a hobby or a social outlet of some sort. Keeping a mother and two children hostage in the car behind you as you switch your turn signal from left to right and back again leads me to believe you are looking for some attention.

Any way, I hold no hard feelings towards you. We followed you for several more blocks and watched as you played with your turn signal. Had you looked in your rear view mirror you would of noticed me laughing.

Thank you for making my day!


Casey said...

Love this SO much!!! Sorry you were behind a big ol' ass. :)

Anonymous said...

Instead of turning the whole event into a personal attack against yourself, why don't you instead try to put yourself in the other driver's perspective, instead of thinking the world revolves around you?

I'd be willing to bet that it was an old person who was lost in an unfamiliar part of town. Explains his slow driving and erratic turning. Now, how do you explain your overreaction? Aren't you supposed to be a parent?