Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Cat

We have a crazy family cat. Little Dude nicknamed him “White Cat” when he was little and lacked a full vocabulary. The name lacks creativity but it is descriptive. LOL. So “White Cat” became his name. Although we pronounce it more like “WyKat”.

WyKat is only 4 years old so he still has a lot of kitten in him. When you are in the bathroom with the door closed he can become more needy for attention then my kids. Wykat takes a closed door as an invitation to play. He happily bats a pencil or any other item that he can find under the door. Then his poor little paws will dart under the door searching…waiting…anticipating for the item to be pushed back to him. I try and tell him that I’m a little busy…he just doesn’t want to listen. LOL.

I will admit that I’d be lost with out this silly cat. He is always there to greet me each morning. Okay…maybe he is only looking to be fed…still I feel loved.

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