Saturday, August 25, 2007

~ Sigh ~

It's Saturday evening and I just got the kiddos into bed. Now is "my time" to do as I please (or as little, depending on how you look at it). It is actually kind of sad as I look around. The house is a disaster. I should at least attempt to do some tidying up. isn't going to happen.

My dear husband is away on another business trip. So it is just going to be me and the TV remote tonight. Sort of sad...considering it is a Saturday night and all. Still, I'm not complaining. It was a long (very long) day with the kids. They always seem to act up when their dad is out of town. I know they just miss him. Why do they have to take it out on me though?

Well...I guess I can update you on the saga going on back home. In fact I'm going to start labeling all my posts regarding this as "The Saga". So feel free to click on the link on the left hand side if you are new and confused about what I'm about to write about.

I want to make it clear that I don't want to minimize or make fun of the situation. I don't just seems therapeutic to write about it. I mean, seriously, it could happen to any of us. We don't think it could...but I bet at some point in all our lives we've been cheated on.

Sandra and her husband are indeed broken up. I don't see that changing. People from her camp are saying she is still involved with Jen's husband Dave.

With that said, people from Jen's camp claim she and Dave are trying to work on their relationship. If you ask me Dave is a complete jerk. It appears (to me any way) that he thinks he can keep them both. Men! Okay, not all men...still... I don't know what to say. This just wouldn't surprise me about Dave. We've all heard the stories that he cheated on Jen when they were dating. He was "young and dumb" back then... So...after 11 years of marriage he does it again. Maybe this wasn't even the first time. We don't know what goes on behind closed doors.

I just can't imagine what is going through Jen's mind. I feel so bad for her. She must be so hurt and heart broken. Plus to have it so public within our group of friends too. It is just sad.

Any way, a few friends are taking Jen away next weekend to a spa. It will be a nice get away over the labor day weekend. I wish I could join them. I am so out of the loop and can only offer limited support from here. I just hope Jen can relax and enjoy herself. She deserves it.

Now, On a lighter note, you'll have to excuse me as I have a double date with a bowl of popcorn and the TV.

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