Saturday, September 8, 2007

Big Brother

I haven't chatted lately about my favorite Reality TV show. favorite one of the moment. Survivor is coming back this month. So is the Biggest Loser. You just have to LOVE Fall TV.

I think I watch too much TV. For example it is Saturday night. What am I doing? Well... my kids are in bed and I'm on the couch. Yeah...I'm on the couch in my pj's with the TV on and my lap top perched on my lap.

Frazzled Mom needs to get a life.

Oh - hold it. I was going to blog about Big Brother tonight. Okay, I'll throw myself a pity party another time...

I'm upset that Eric and Jessica are out. You know that Danielle and Dick are going to take it all the way now. I suppose Danielle deserves it as she has been a great player (although a whinny one). Does any one think Dick deserves to be in the final two?

Wait a second. Why am I asking for people's opinions? Besides my one blog friend Casey, no one reads this. Gosh...I really am pathetic.

I wonder if there are any chips in the cupboard.



SBS said...

Sorry dear. I do read your blog, but I'm not always good about commenting. But, I have no idea about Big Brother. We don't do TV. Hopefully Casey can help ya.

Casey said...

No can do. I don't watch reality shows. Everyone always raves about them but I've just never gotten into them.

But..just so you can't sad I'll answer; No way! I don't know how he got that far. Geez!!!

How was that? :)

Frazzled Mom said...

LOL - thanks sbs and Casey! Not only do I have TWO people reading my blog, but one will even fake watching BB to humor me!! LOL