Sunday, September 9, 2007

Email Scams

I love, love, L O V E this!!!

I've heard of people getting these emails, but this is my first. I'm removing the phone number because I don't want ya to be tempted to call - LOL - I'm also thinking of changing my name from "frazzled mom" to "lovely one".

Dear lovely one,

Permit me to inform you about my desire to seek for assistant from you, and i got the believe that you are going to help me out successfully. but firstly about myself.

I am a 22 years old lady now and my name is Marrieth Bourga i was born to the family of Late Chief Alex Bourga who based in ACCRA and ABIDJAN respectively, and I am the second daughter, but my first sister died on motor acccident with my mother on the year 1993. sinece then , my late father took me very special, because i was the only child left now, but what a painful to me, that i lost my lovely carring father last 2 years ego in air craft when flying down to Japan for his bussiness delivering, my late father was a very big marchandise in all types of bussiness, he deals with diamonds, Cocoa marchant,and some time govt diplomatic agents.

Infact, i feel very painful, when narrating this story to you, but i am here because i am seeking for hep!, my late father told me that he left the sum of $19.500,000,00 million dollars in one screat account safe for my future due to his bussiness and i am the only child left, so he use my name for the next of depositor.

But since the death of my late father, i am not feeling well, and this money was in suspence account in screat account safe in Coopec Bank abidjan, but the bank director have informed me about the money in the bank also, but because of the rules and regulations of the bank, i need to provide an oversea who can help me out get the total $19.500,000,00 million dollars transfer into his or her bank account so that i will have vivide ascees of the total money deposited. Inshort, please, i need your urgent help get the total money into your bank account, and to help me get my resident permith, so that i will come over for the investments of the total $19.500,000,00 million dollars.

Please call me now at +##########, so that i will give you more details, also to give you the bank director direct telephone number so that you can speak to him, and work every thing out with him, to make sure that you received the total $19.500,000,00 million dollars into your bank account so that i will come over immediately.

Infact, i have so many stories, even my wicked uncle, is after my life, just because of some inherited properties my late father left before his untimely death.

Inshort, take this matter as urgent as, and call me immediately at +########, look i made good 7 days fasting and prayer, before God reviewed you to me, as my trusty helper, just join me let us be one family.
Morely, i will give you 20% from the total money and have the rest for the investments purpose!. this is seriuos matter please rescure my future to be bright.

Waiting for your call.

Marrieth Bourga.

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super des said...

I love those. Usually mine say that my uncle just died in a car crash in Africa and he left me some large some of money, so if I could just forward them my bank account info they'll wire me the money right away. And I think, "that's strange" but then I give them my inf because I want my inheritance, dammit!

ps - I just noticed my link. (thanks!) I'm not a mommy blogger!