Thursday, October 4, 2007

Colder Weather and the Creepy Neighbor

I'm more of a fan of sunshine and blue skies. Yet, now with my creepy neighbor hiding inside more due to the cold weather I am LOVING the Fall weather.

I have also started picking up my mail when I'm in my car. Either that or I send my dear husband out to collect it. This solves my problem of the creepy neighbor running out to talk when I walk by his house on the way to the mail box.

I hate that I feel this way around the guy. Seriously though, he truly creeps me out. Doesn't he work? Go out? Ever? Does he do anything besides look out his living room window and watch the coming and goings of everyone else?

One female neighbor across the street has joked about creating a neighborhood watch. Just so we can watch him watch us...

So that brings me to this question...

Can you legally find out if someone has a police record? Can you hire an investigator to check out a neighbor? I must admit that I day dream about doing this. It would (hopefully) put my mind at ease if I knew he wasn't a convicted rapist or known stalker. Seriously.

There are a lot of days that I wish we could just move.


Holly said...

He sounds pretty creepy.

I know that at least sex offenders all must register and it's absolutely public knowledge.

Here's the national website, but each state should have one.

Casey said...

I believe you can run background checks on someone but you need some key info. No clue what that is - maybe full name and address is enough.

A neighbor-watch sounds like a good idea! And everyone in the area should be watching kids in your neighborhood to make sure they stay safe. You just never know. Eeeeek!