Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Common House Fly

I thought I would keep today's post more light hearted. I realize I have been throwing myself a little pity party over here. I'm sure people are sick and tired of listening to me complain about the stress I'm under and the lack of quality sleep I'm getting.

I'm sure everyone would be much more interested in my thoughts on house flies?


To bad! I feel the need to vent about the common house fly. Don't think about logging out of my site! Stay and feel my pain, okay? LOL

This afternoon I couldn't help but notice the swarm of these pesky little creatures in my home. It appears one of my children failed to completely close the sliding glass doors in our house. With just an inch and a half of space a good 8 to 10 flies found there way in. Just lovely.

I truly believe these annoying insects are smart. Why else would they seem to endless enjoy doing fly bys around your head? Seriously. It's a big enough house. They could go to another room. A room far away from me.

But no...there is always that one fly that hangs around and seemingly circles you. The buzzing noise they make seriously annoys me. It is something like nails on a chalk board for me.

Equaling, I dislike killing them. Okay...I'll admit the little suckers are faster then me. Even still, when I do get lucky, I dislike the removal of the body. With kids gasping at the thought that I just killed it adding to the drama.

Okay, maybe house flies are not out to get me. They do not purposely set out to test my patience. Yet, doesn't it feel that way sometimes? Or is it only me?

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Heather said...

I love nature and always tell the kids not to squish bugs but as soon as they aren't looking I kill any flies as fast as I can because I HATE them! If the kids are around I try to corral them into an open window then I slam it quick and make sure it stays shut for a few days until its dead. So you're not alone.