Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Creepy Crawlies

Last night I sat lazily on my couch with my beloved laptop on my lap. I was visiting one of my favorite blogs when I glanced up at the TV. Just then I felt something drop on top of my left hand.

My natural reflexes kicked in and I basically freaked out. I’m not sure how my laptop made it safely to the coffee table.

See… with the changing weather we have noticed an increase of spiders in our home (ick). I felt quite certain that one had just belly flopped from the ceiling onto my hand.

My problem was I couldn’t find it. So there I was shaking my hair and jumping up and down fearing it was making a new home some where on me!

I eventually settled back down (this time in a chair on the other side of the room). Soon after I noticed my evil little cat busy doing something in the kitchen just a few feet from where I was sitting.

Oh yeah…she was playing with something BLACK on the kitchen floor. She sauntered away leaving one injured plump spider.


I’m such a girl when it comes to these things. I also know that spiders can play dead. I wasn’t going to try and pick it up with paper towel or sweep it with a broom out the door. No siree. It could just come a live again and cause me to freak out again. Did I mention it was big and juicy? Not to mention really, really UGLY?

So I did the only thing I could. I placed a drinking glass over it and secured it was a phone book on top.

This morning it was still a live. Fortunately my neighbor dropped by for coffee and she volunteered to take care of it for me. Why do these things always happen when my husband is out of town!!! LOL


super des said...

At least there was a real spider. Invisible Bug Syndrome is the worst. You feel bugs (or spiders) everywhere and can't be sure if they're real or not...

And some spiders are really poisonous for cats so I hope your cat doesn't eat any!

Frazzled Mom said...

Eeeek. i didn't know spiders could be poisonous for cats....

Casey said...

Wow. Me either.

Sharon said...

My charming kids bring me spiders to look at 'hey mum look what I found'. At this point I'm usually saying/screaming 'get it out of the house'.