Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

We are at the critical hour right now. It's almost 5:30 PM. It's not dark out yet and the kids are bouncing off the walls waiting to go trick or treating. I just put a video in with the hope it will distract them. They are already on a sugar high from the candy they received at school. I want to keep the high going, because when they crash it could get ugly - ha, ha.

It is not as nice out this year compared to last year. Still we should be okay with the costumes they are wearing. My son is a pirate and my daughter is a princess. Pretty typical standard stuff. It shows the lack of imagination I have. How ever this is what they wanted to be.

I'll be going out with the kids again this year. My husband prefers to stay home and hand out the candy. I don't mind as I love watching my kids go door to door. They've been shy in the past. However now that they are getting older I think they'll be a little more out-going. One thing I always make sure they do is to say thank you. I think that is important.

Wish me luck that we get them to bed successfully before midnight. Ha, ha.

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