Thursday, November 1, 2007

Photo Blankets

Halloween is over by one day. I was at one store today and went to their Halloween section in hopes of finding some sales. It was already cleared out and two employees were literally putting Christmas items on the shelves. Wow. Stores just don’t waste time any more do they?

This got me thinking about the holidays. The hardest part for me is the Christmas shopping. I often struggle with coming up with new and unique gift ideas. My children and our nieces and nephews are easy enough. You can never go wrong with a new toy. I can usually figure something out for my dear husband too. The Grandparents are always a struggle.

What do you buy someone who already has everything they want and need? Every once and a while I stumble across a great gift idea. You know, a gift you honestly think they will not only use, but will be excited about.

I’ve been looking at Photo Blankets. I think my mother-in-law would absolutely love one with a picture of my kids. What is interesting is you have a lot of options when ordering one. Your photo can cover the entire blanket or you can pick from a number of fun borders. There are even 3 sizes to choose from. As well as various layout designs and picture collages. You can really have a lot of fun designing the perfect blanket. The picture layer is made with a plush micro-suede fabric and the bottom layer is made with soft polar fleece in the color of your choice. This makes a photo blanket not only beautiful to look at, but cozy and inviting to use too.

I am truly excited about this idea. Since my mother-in-law lives in the land of snow and ice, I can visualize her snuggling up with this blanket. As well, it will have a picture of her favorite (okay…only) grandchildren on it. So I’m sure she’ll be showing it off to.

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