Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm Old and Need Help

I guess I need to start facing the facts. I'm only a couple years from 40, and I am O L D. Please let me make it clear that my "oldness" has nothing to do with numbers. I know a lot of very young 40 year olds.

I'm just dated, out of touch, and behind the times. Some how life and technology has passed me by. I am becoming like my father and this scares me. I remember when we got our first VCR. I had to repeatedly show my Dad how to work it. It was soooooo basic. "It's just like your tape player" I would say. My poor Dad found it confusing when I said, "To play your movie, you hit the play button". No lie.

Maybe it is a genetic thing. Do you think that could be it? For example I have never even held a MP3 player. You can apparently down load music from your computer onto it. It sounds really cool. Yet to me it sounds far too complicated. Why? I am OLD.

I have just spent the past 2 hours trying to find a ringtone to download onto my cell phone.

Oh, speaking of which... I have no idea how to work all the features on my cell phone. I apparently have the sound on "speaker" and I can not figure out for the life of me how to get off it.

Any way, I am old and I need help finding and downloading a specific ringtone. Can anyone help me? For what ever crazy reason I really (REALLY) want the theme song to Boston Legal. I can't find it any where. I know most sites will charge you. I'll pay for it. I really don't want to get into a monthly club fee or what ever though. I'd like to buy it and then walk away with no other obligations.

So if there is anyone out there in blog land that can recommend a good site that has this ringtone I'd love you for ever.

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Casey said...

Depending on your carrier, you might not be able to use ring tones other than those provided. With me, I use TMobile and I went to a lot of time, trouble and effort to find a service that could convert a song into a ringtone, I paid for it and then learned after much confusion and frusration that unless I had internet service on my phone (I do not) I could not access what I had paid for.

I've gone a couple different routes, all costing me money, that failed to work. From now on, I'm sticking with the ones I can buy from my carrier. But I'm relaly bummed about it. :(