Friday, October 19, 2007

Makes You Wonder

So one of my neighbors a few doors down from me (and right beside the creepy neighbor) shared a story. I guess creepy neighbor has been doing some yard work. He is digging some holes that she guesses will be for trees or shrubs not yet purchased. Not a big deal right? I mean it maybe a little odd for October, but what do I know?

Any way my friend has two miniature poodles. The other day she let them out into the back yard. Shortly after she heard them barking and opened the back door to "shush" them. They are poodles after all and tend to bark a lot. However, when she opened her door she noticed her two dogs at the corner of her fence barking. It was then that she noticed the creepy neighbor looking over the fence at them. He just stood there staring them down. Seemingly enjoying watching the dogs go crazy and bark at him. When she called her dogs in, our normally overly chatty neighbor ducked back into his yard without a word.

Then last night before bed her husband let the dogs out. When he opened the door to tell them to stop barking he spotted creepy neighbor. The guy was apparently in the same spot staring the dogs down from his side of the fence. What the heck?

Creepy neighbor's backyard was dark. It was after 10 PM. What was he doing in the far back corner of his yard at that hour? Why would he look over the fence and upset the dogs?

Not surprisingly creepy neighbor ducked into the darkness of his yard once he noticed he had been spotted. He has never done this before and my friend's husband plans on talking with him if it happens again. It just isn't normal behavior.


I still don't know why the police car was at his house earlier this week. No one seems to know. It seems everyone is talking about him though.


rmgales said...

You have a Strange neighbor! I can think of 100 reasons why the police could possibly have been at his house, lol.

Love your blog. I'll be adding your site to my Blogroll on Mother-2-Mother.

super des said...

Have you seen that movie "The 'Burbs".....?

Frazzled Mom said...

I know I saw the movie years ago. There was a crazy neighbor in that movie right?

Should I go out and rent it? Or will it just freak me out more?