Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Options for Online Businesses

As a Stay-at-home mom I’m always thinking of ways I could contribute financially to the family household. I know a few people who have started small online businesses. I have often wondered if that could be an option for me.

However I’m not overly computer savvy. So to run a business on line seems a little over my head. However Ashop Commerce maybe just what I need. It is a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software, offering complete solutions for merchants to sell online.

From the research I have done, I have learnt Ashop is a web based program. This means there is no installation required. This sounds like something I could work with. It is also an affordable ecommerce software that will accept credit cards online. The design is customizable and I could start selling right away.
Of course, I will need to think of something to sell first. That is just a small glitch in my whole online business plan. Ha, ha.

With all the possibilities the internet can offer a stay at home parent, I would be foolish to not seriously consider the idea.

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