Monday, October 8, 2007

Spell Check

I’m just curious…do you use spell check each time you post on your blog or write an email?

I was never that great when it came to spelling. Okay…my grammar is rather weak too. I’m like sure you have not yet noticed this fact about me right? LOL.

I feel very self conscious about my spelling skills so I always hit “spell check” when I’m done writing. I get a little rush of pride when I receive the “no errors detected” too. Yeah, I know…I probably need a life. Still, for that moment I think, “maybe I’m not such a bad speller after all”.

Of course that only takes me to my next email or blog post. I’m then quickly reminded that I suck at English! I was once told that I write like I talk. That it is hard to follow what I’m trying to say. So for that my dear (and few) readers I apologize.

And for all of you who have mastered the English language…I secretly hate you…only because I’m jealous.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

I always forget to spell check my blog entries - until they're posted! So I often find myself clicking the edit button a few times 'til it looks OK lol