Monday, October 15, 2007

Vegas? Maybe!

It really saddens me to realize that this year is my 20th high school reunion. Seriously, I can’t be (gulp) old. Where did the years go? Seriously? I’m old…I need to face it… (sigh)…someday.

This morning I received a very interesting phone call. One of my friends from High School is trying to arrange a girl’s long weekend in (where else but) Vegas. Our old gang of girlfriends… It sounds exciting and fun in theory doesn’t it? The thing is a lot changes in 20 years. For example, I haven’t seen a lot of these women in Y E A R S. We moved on to different colleges, different cities, different States. Some hit the career track and a few others (like myself ) have entered the mommy track full-time. Will I have things in common with these women now? Would a dinner together be more practical then a 3 night, 4 day vaca in Vegas?

I’m sounding negative, right? I shouldn’t look at the worst-case scenario. Some of these women I haven’t talked to in years. I think everyone is still on my Christmas card list. Still… It’s sad when life gets so busy that you don’t even have time to keep in touch with an occasional email. (Never mind the fact that email wasn’t even invented when I graduated from High School). It would be fun, I think, to catch up on everyone’s lives. To see what everyone looks like. Of course that would mean they’d get to give me the once over too. LOL.

I’m trying to think back to what I was like in High School. I’d like to think I’ve changed…a lot. I was shy back then. I always had friends, but like my 9th grade science teacher wrote in my yearbook, I was the “silent one”. I think now a days I enjoy listening to myself speak more then I should. Although I still feel awkward and shy around people I don’t know.

It would be interesting if every one signed on and went. I’m going to check my calendar and talk with the hubby.


super des said...

I say go. Even if y'all have grown apart, there are plenty of "alone" things to do in Vegas.Maybe that's why they planned it there.

Casey said...

Go. Have fun and even if you have nothing in common, it's a great chance to get away from the house and kids for a refreshing respite. :)