Monday, October 15, 2007

Online Coupons

I am sincerely getting into online shopping and the bargains I can find. I am a mom that loves to find a deal. I get a little high from saving money. Yes, I am a little odd that way.

Knowing this, I wanted to share this really cool site that offers Online Coupons. This site is updated on a daily basis and offers fabulous coupons from hundreds of merchants. Unlike some coupon sites out on the web right now, this one has a very simple lay out and is user friendly. This is another huge plus for someone like me. I get discourage easily and will move onto another site if I can’t find what I’m looking for right away. I’ve been snooping and this site honestly provides money saving (and easy to use) promotional codes and coupons.

Zappos is linked to this great site. It has a huge list of stores and companies that are all listed alphabetically. Alphabetically!!! How easy is that?? You can quickly locate the store you are looking for and find a great coupon to use.

Are you looking for inkJet coupons? I don’t even want to discuss how quickly my printer runs out of ink. Especially the black ink. My son is always asking me to print off coloring pages from the internet. This site has me covered. They provide numerous coupons and promotional codes that are easy to use when shopping online.

I mean if you are going to shop online, why not take a minute and see if your store has coupons online? You might save 10% an order or give free shipping. As a mom of two, every penny counts.

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