Sunday, November 4, 2007

Amazing Race 12

Woo Hooo!!!

The twelfth season of the Amazing Race has started! I love this show beyond words. If there was a way I could get on any reality TV show of my choice, this one would be it. This is rather funny considering I'm not the most adventurous person out there. Still, when I watch this show my heart rate increases, and my muscles tense up. I am there.

Okay, as there as much as any middle aged women with bowl of potato chips sitting in front of her TV can be.

Still, I forget that is who I am and literally imagine what it would be like if I was the one who was performing the tasks.

Yes, in previous posts we have established that I need a life. So please let me live vicariously though this show okay?

It is early on, but right now my favorite team (and the one I believe will be the one to beat) is Rachel & T.K. They are a newly dating couple, which in past shows doesn't prove to be a strong match. Still from what I have seen in the show's first episode they have worked well together, and are extremely competitive. Perhaps most importantly they have stayed calm with one another and have handled stressful situations extremely well.

This show just rocks. I can't wait until next Sunday now!!!

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