Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Creepy Neighbor Update

Well, after some nagging on my part, my friend a few doors down emailed me another picture of creepy neighbor’s back yard. Recently I wrote about him digging holes in his backyard and terrorizing my friend’s dogs.

From this new picture it doesn’t appear to be holes he was digging. Instead it looks like he was making small hills back there. I know absolutely nothing about landscaping, so I am not to sure what his plan is. He did put some black stuff around the hills. Does anyone know what that is?

The newest rumor in the neighborhood about him revolves around the mystery of the police car in his driveway a few weeks back. Since then he has kept a very, very low profile. Apparently a family made a complaint. They didn’t like that he was always out and interacting with their son.

Now, some might think this was over-reacting. It is a tough call as a parent. Personally speaking I have felt uneasy around this man since the day I met him. He would always approach me when I was outside with the kids. It got to the point that I avoided the front yard. He never paid much attention to my two children though. He just creeped me out. Several neighbors have felt the same way.

This family who made a complaint found out that he does not have a police record. This does make me feel a little better. I guess the police made a courtesy visit and spoke with him. He obviously took the warning seriously.

There is probably more to the story. I have a lot of questions. I don’t know this family who made the complaint. I am not one to just go knock on a stranger’s door. Still, I am tempted too.

Yet...I sort of have conflicted feelings. What if he is a lonely guy who lacks proper socialization skills? He could be harmless. If that is the case I feel really bad. Yet, I was always taught to trust my instincts…and this guy really makes me uneasy.

This isn't the type of drama I need in my little life. I wish we could just move to a new area of town. The thing is you can never control who your neighbors will be. I hated feeling captive in my house this summer. I even had my husband picking the mail up so I wouldn't have to walk past his house to our mail box.

Okay...I'm just rambling now.

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