Monday, November 26, 2007

A Galco Holster Makes a Unique Gift Idea!

So… Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Where could I find myself a rocking pair of covert khaki pants or say a galco holster?

No? You really haven’t?

What do you mean? Are stay-at-home moms not into these things? Say it is not so!

Okay, I’m in one of my strange moods. Still, I found it fun browsing through the website. They carry a very impressive inventory and they say they can ship most of their orders within 24 hours. That is impressive.

You know with Christmas just around the corner this site could honestly provide some unique gift ideas for the men in our lives. I’m considering 5.11 boots for my husband. They come with 3 pairs of free socks. What a deal! I am all about deals.

Obviously, I’m a little loopy after a week with my in-laws. It’s nice to be home. More later!

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