Thursday, November 1, 2007

Post Halloween

Aaaahhh...the ugly side of Halloween. Having to fight the addiction to sugar and enduring the sugar highs and the eventual sugar crashes. And I am just talking about myself! Never mind my little ones whose new favorite phrase is "Can I have some candy mom?". Often followed by cries and whines if the answer is no.

What do you do with all the candy? I mean when the kids go to bed I know I will be snacking away on it. We have so much and it just calls to me. Especially the chocolate. I could stay away from the sugary candy. However the chocolate (like coffee in the morning) has complete control of me. I can not help but be lured to it's sweetness.

The kids had to be awoken today for school. I felt really bad as I know they would of slept in quite a while. Plus they could of really used the extra sleep. I'm hoping to get them into bed a little early tonight. We all could use some downtime after the crazy, zany (but fun) Halloween day.

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