Friday, November 2, 2007

Samantha Who?

Okay, if you read my sad little blog, you know I'm a little addicted to the TV. My nights (after the little ones are off to bed) are usually spent in front of the television. I watch far too much of it...this I know....

Any way, I've been really disappointed with a lot of the new shows out this season. Even some of my old favorites are just not doing it for me this year. Like my old favorite Grey's Anatomy. Lets not even discuss how unrealistic some of the story lines are on the spin off Private Practice. (((sigh)))

I have to say my surprising new favorite show is "Samantha Who" It is really worth checking out. Honestly. If you want a fun light hearted half hour show, this is it. It stars Christina Appligate as a woman who lost her memory. Now she is trying to start her life over and continues to find out terrible things she has done in her past. Lets just say she wasn't a very nice person. The show is funny. Seriously funny.

Still not convinced this show is worth checking out? It also stars Barry Watson from "What About Brian" fame. Just saying!

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