Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Favorite Christmas Gift

What was your favorite Christmas gift this year? I'm going to assume that Santa spoiled you this year. Tee, hee.

I was spoiled pretty well. You will not hear me complaining. I know the gift giving part of the holidays is really more for the kids. I do not expect much and with that said I'm always surprised by my husbands gift giving. He used to be a gift card guy. I'm not anti gift cards, however they are not much fun to open on Christmas morning.

This year my husband did honest to goodness shopping for me. I received pajamas, a pair of jeans (that are my style and size - a miracle right there - ha, ha), a new (every day) watch and a few other little goodies. However, my favorite gift will make you laugh. He purchased an arm strap for my ipod.

Listen, I know this may sound lame and maybe even a little geeky...but I love it. I'm not all that high tech and I'm actually pretty new to the world of the ipod. I enjoy listening to music while I clean the house. However I never had a good place to clip it to. Truth be told I would stuff it my bra. This worked well...accept when I needed to bend down to scrub. It got to be a little dangerous when I needed to scrub the toilet.

So there you go. This is my exciting gift this year. If you read my blog (even randomly) please share your favorite gift too.


Anonymous said...

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SBS said...

Ok...I think my favorite gift were a set of four Crystal Wine Glasses. They are very pretty and totally unexpected! That what was so fun about them..... I love a good surprise!

Sudiegirl said...

I've had so many good gifts, I'm not sure how I can pick my favorite one.

I think my favorite gifts are the ones that are unexpected and make me laugh! The kitten I got this year is a shining example of that.

Casey said...

A big pink fluffy amazingly comfy robe. Hands down - my favorite tangible gift. :)