Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Spouse

Does your spouse ever annoy the heck out of you??

Lately mine has been really, really rubbing me the wrong way. I'm counting the days until his next business trip. I know that is wrong of me. However, it is honestly how I am feeling. It is not like I WANT to feel this way.

Do you know what I mean?

Am I the only one here?


Any way, I won't let his moodiness ruin my holiday cheer for long. I just have to shake my annoyance off and then focus on my kids.

I'm almost done my shopping. Almost done. I think for the most part I just have stocking stuffers to buy for. Whooo, hooo. I am getting there. My next step is starting my Christmas baking! Yikes! The thought of starting stresses me out. Where do people find the time? And when do you know that you have enough? Seriously.

My "elders" used to do all the Christmas baking. It seems that I have now graduated to an elder. When did this happen?

Grouchy husband, crowded malls, and baking nightmares. Merry Christmas!

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