Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sleep Number Beds

I honestly have problems sleeping. It seems that the moment I close my eyes my head starts to spin. I begin to make mental notes of all the tasks I need to get done the next day. I worry about the things I keep pushing to the back burner. I can’t help it. I try to relax. I try to imagine myself lying on the beach and listening the water. However it never works.

I end up grabbing a blanket and a pillow and lying on the couch downstairs. I turn on the TV and flip channels in desperation of something to watch until I’m too tired to think. My couch is nice and all, but not an ideal bed. I would like to sleep next to my husband too.

This has me wondering if a new bed would help me. Ours is over 10 year old and is a queen size. (I’ve always dreamt of a king so I could really stretch out and not have to worry about being a bed hog. I would love to look into owning a Sleep Number bed. I see commercials for them on TV all the time. They claim to be adjustable and comfortable.

I looked them up on the internet this afternoon as the kids were watching Dora the Explorer. I read that they have a quiet digital numeric inflation system. Think of your bed as a air mattress. This system allows you to personally adjust the firmness of your mattress. I think I’d love a softer mattress. I would love to sink into my bed just a little. To really snuggle in and feel like I am resting on a cloud. My husband on the other hand loves our present mattress because of its firmness. He is however in agreement that it is time to look into a new one.

I can visualize myself adjusting my side of the bed with a simple push of a button. Finding just the right firmness that would allow me to relax and let my body and mind rest. It would make a great Christmas gift. I’ll need to make some not-to-subtle hints to my husband!

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