Monday, January 7, 2008

First Day Back

So...did all the Mommies survive the first day back to school? I did (barely). I must admit I got used to lazy pajama wearing mornings. Getting the kids up, dressed and out the door in time was a little challenging. More on my part, rather then theirs.

I swear I kept waking up throughout the night to check the time. I was afraid I'd sleep in and we'd be late. Crazy. I own an alarm clock and my husband is usually still home as the kids and I eat breakfast. He wouldn't of left for work without waking me up had I actually slept in. Still, it is just one of my nervous tendencies. I worry about the silliest things.

Any way, to make this day harder on myself I (unknowingly at the time) booked myself a doctors appointment today as well. I hate visiting the doctor, still I want to be proactive with my health. So I ran off to my appointment once the kids were safely in their classrooms.

It's just after 5:00 here. We are going to have an EASY dinner. I'm going to make spaghetti. Tonight I will veg in front of the television. Is there even anything on to watch? Darn writer's strike. Any way, my goal is to relax. I need to have a good night's sleep.

Obviously from re-reading my post, the kids were ready to get back into the daily schedule. I on the other hand am having problems adjusting!!!

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