Friday, January 18, 2008

Home Improvements

We moved into our house about 2 years ago. Slowly, we have been doing some small home improvements. We started off with painting the walls with colors that suited our taste and family more then the previous owners. My husband has also done some landscaping in the back yard.

There is one big project that scares me a little. Yet, the problem annoys me just as much. We have hardwood floors in our kitchen. I’m guessing (and this is only a guess) the previous owners would wash the floors and before letting them dry they would put down a floor rug. This rug was under the kitchen table.

After they moved out my husband and I walked through the house for the first time empty. You can’t hide any thing when the furniture (and rugs) are gone. What we saw was major wood discoloration where their kitchen table had been. It is in a perfect circle.

We haven’t gone out and purchased a rug yet. I know this would be the easiest and less expensive “quick fix”. I would love to look at refinishing my Flooring. The work and expense of it scares me though.

I was doing some reading on a site called They explained the process of refinishing hard wood floors and shared some good tips too. Basically it is an “easy” but very laborious process. The smartest thing for us to do is look at finding a professional to do it. It wouldn’t hurt to get a few quotes. It’s a shame to have such beautiful floors ruined in a fairly new home.

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