Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sitting Around The House

The phrase "sitting around my house" best describes my day so far. Sure...I've thrown in a load of laundry, and I've fed the kids both their breakfast and lunch. However, I can't say I've done much more then that.

I think I'm just suffering from the end of the holidays blues. My tree is gone, the decorations are put away. The house has been "put back into place" so to speak. There are no signs that Christmas just passed. Well... okay the toys I keep stepping on are a sign that perhaps Santa has recently paid a visit. Otherwise, we are back to life as normal.

I feel like I've just been on the go. I've had the oh-so-fun tasks of: cleaning, cooking, entertaining, shopping, wrapping, mailing (and I'm sure I could go on). It is odd now not to have a big "to do" list in front of me.

So yeah...I'm allowing myself to be lazy and veg away the hours. Next week the kids will be back to school and my schedule will be a little more full. Until then I'm happy to sit on my computer and catch up on my favorite sites.

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