Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Project Green Thumb

Today has been a day of internet surfing for me. I haven’t had the pleasure of zoning out in front of the computer for some time. The kids have kept busy playing with their Christmas toys for most of the day. The television has been off and it has been a nice, quiet, easy, and a relaxing kind of day. So here I am blogging again.

I have been reading up on Project Orange Thumb on the Fiskars Garden Website. This is a really cool funding project for community neighborhood beautification. Project Orange Thumb started 5 years ago (in 2003) and is a grant program that helps provide community garden groups with the tools and materials they need to reach their goals for neighborhood beautification and horticulture education.

During their first inaugural year they partnered with the Chicago Park District and the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance to provide the needed materials, tools and most importantly the support to three community gardens in Chicago.

In 2007 Project Green Thumb celebrated their 5th successful year. Within their five years of operation they have provided over 100 community groups with an impressive $200,000 to create and develop their own special community gardens. This also included projects geared toward community involvement, neighborhood beautification, sustainable agriculture and/or horticultural education.

These community garden groups included the participation of schools, youth groups, community centers, camps clubs, treatment facilities, etc. Project Green Thumb encourages all types of groups within communities to apply.

Every community looking to beautify their area should look more into this great program. Grant Recipients receive up to $1,500.00 in Fiskars® Garden Tools, Project Orange Thumb t-Shirts for garden members/volunteers, and up to $800.00 for other materials such as plants, seeds, mulch or other green goods. Imagine the wonders this grant could do in your neighborhood.

I’m really impressed with Project Green Thumb. They really provide the tools for communities to grow!


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