Friday, March 21, 2008

lap band surgery

In the past I have written about my cousin. For almost a year she has been researching and contemplating weight-loss procedures. Last month she visited a los angeles lap band doctor. She has been leaning towards JourneyLite surgical centers. She likes that they put importance on her comfort from start to beginning. My cousin likes that they think of everything. From roomier gowns to wider hallways, bathrooms with handicap railings, and chairs without arms. It is those seemingly little things that make a big difference.

For now my cousin is still contemplating. It is a big decision and I think she feels it is the right one for her. It is a big step though, so I am glad she is taking her time and not just jumping into it without being fully educated and certain. I’ll keep you posted!

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Make sure she does complete research and looks at the cons as well as the pros. Many people who go through this very serious surgery gain the weight back. Lap band is ess invase than the other gastric bypass surgeries but still very serious. My sister had gastric bypass twice and has gained nearly all her weight back. Look at the stars who had it done and gained it back. If you cannot change your lifestyle before the surgery most often you cannot after the surgery, and then it will fail.

Guide to Lap-Band Surgery said...

Lap Band is one of the most effective way to lose weight.Many have tried and already seen the result.