Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Filler Up

Well, today was filled with domestic duties. The kind that include scrubbing toilets and washing floors.

Try not to be jealous!

Little Dude did make me smile though. He wasn’t trying to be funny mind you. When he was first born my dear husband started to fill my car up weekly with gas. It was a kind little gesture that has continued over the past 5 years. It never occurred to me that because of this my children have never seen me fill up my gas tank. It never occurred to me until Little Dude brought it to my attention today.

“Mom, when you grow up and get bigger you’ll be able to fill up your car with gas”.

I didn’t smile because my son thinks I’m incompetent. I smiled because he sees me as a young person still growing like him. He often says, “Mom, when you get big like Daddy…”

Hey, as a frazzled mom who is much closer to 40 then 30, I gladly take whatever compliments come my way.


Casey said...

Little Dud is quite the character. :) Thanks for visiting my blog this evening. I hope you will come back often.

Frazzled Mom said...

Little Dud?

Hey!!! That's my boy you are talking about!!!!

LOL :o)

Casey said...

Haahahahahaha!!! Dude. I meant dude.

Sorry about that (and I confess it took me a minute to even understand what you were saying. I thought, did I call him the wrong thing? Baaahahahahaha!)

After that you might never come back to my blog. :) Sorry a million times over. :)