Thursday, July 5, 2007

Will Blog for Chocolate!

I spent the morning cleaning the house. Picking up small toys off the floor. Such fun.

My back now has an awful knot in it. It hurts like hell.

The dog threw up…on the carpet

Back ache moved up and expanded it’s residence into my head.

Little Dude had a melt down because I made him a hot dog for lunch. I didn’t know he really wanted a corn dog. Apparently there is a big difference.

Did I mention the dog threw up?

Big Daddy worked late.

My Girls Night Out has been postponed. My one chance to escape this week was taken away.

But the worst thing of all is…

The house is out of chocolate.

I could really use some chocolate right now...

1 comment:

Casey said...

Amen! Chocolate is required in a house where there are children.

Sorry about the crazed day. I'm having one of those myself. Oh joy.