Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Husband

So my hubby is back from his latest business trip. It's nice having him back. Still, we get into a rhythm when he is gone. When he returns everything feels out of sorts for a few days. Sure enough once we (as a family unit) are operating on "daddy mode", he takes off for work again. Then we are left to find our groove again without him.

It's tough. Tough on all of us. The kids miss him. I miss him. I know he misses us too. I know I've complained in the past that he gets to enjoy a hotel room to himself. He also enjoys nice meals and often will catch a game too....

...what point was I trying to make???

I think I was going to say he has it tough too - LOL - although it doesn't appear that way as I type it.

My husband is a wonderful dad. He truly misses the kids and the family time he losses out on. He never sleeps well in his hotel rooms and would much prefer a fried pork chop over a ritzy 5 star meal.

Our family needs to make some changes. One thing we've been discussing is a new job for my guy. Even if that means he will make less money. Or that I might have to go to work part-time. Family time is so valuable. Especially when your kids are young.

There is never a clear solution to anything. Nothing is ever completely ideal. Still it doesn't hurt to look at different options.

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