Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Lap-Band System

My cousin called me the other day. She has decided to go in for weight-loss surgery. She is getting the LAP-BAND® System to help control her weight. My mother’s side of the family all struggle with their weight. I am no exception.

I didn’t know a lot about the LAP-BAND® System, besides the few commercials I’ve seen on TV. So I went online and came across a site on obesity surgery. I found this site very informative and helpful to people considering surgery.

JourneyLite offers a comprehensive weight-loss program that will guide you through every step of your journey. From evaluating whether the Lap-Band system is right for you, to finding an experienced surgeon, to insurance approval, and extensive follow-up and aftercare. What I liked is their site has online support groups you can join, and message boards you can participate in. They provided nutritional education and recipes as well as other tips for success. I’m impressed that they can help you find the right surgeon, work with you to get insurance approval and have extensive follow-up and aftercare.

I’m going to pass this site onto my cousin. Any surgery is scary. You can never be too informed or have too much support.

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