Sunday, October 14, 2007


It rained last night. HARD. I love listening to the rain at night time. However this morning our backyard is just one big sloppy mess. My kids are itching to go out and play in the mud too. I'm trying to hold them off a little to give the yard a chance to dry up a bit. I'm looking at our sand box which is now filled with water. One big goopy mess. I know that will be the first stop the kids will make. I guess I should try and chill a little. What is a little mud and dirt? A bath can take care of it when they are done playing, right?

My brother and I were never allowed to run free in the mud and sand. We'd get in trouble if we showed up at our front door with a grassy stain or mad packed shoes. So I guess that is ingrained in my DNA. My first instinct is to say, "No".

Still, they should be allowed to have fun and get a little dirty, right? Bath water and a load a laundry isn't too much to ask for a fun afternoon jumping into puddles. So I'm going to try and chill out a little. I'll let them put on some old clothes and maybe (when it dries out a little more) I'll let the kids go wild in the back yard...

Gosh, I have issues!!!

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