Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One Of Those Days

Wow…today has been one very, very long day. I’m not exactly sure why. It has been a normal, nothing out of the ordinary day. The kids (over all) were good. They had their moments, but they always do.

I actually enjoyed a couple of hours to myself this morning when they were both at school. Of course I wasted those hours searching for a specific ring tone. I came out empty handed and then vented about it in a post. Still, after the day I had yesterday with my kids it was nice to just – sit – still – and – do – nothing – for a little while. I usually feel guilty when I “do nothing”….okay nothing productive. Yet I didn’t today.

So why has the day lasted for ever?

The kids ate their meals well, played well and are presently watching a cartoon. I will be putting them to bed shortly after. Then I’ll have the evening to sit and do nothing again.

I think I’m just in a funk. I hate that my husband is away on business again. November should be better. He should be around a lot more. It just gets hard without here sometimes. The kids miss him and in-turn act out. I feel the weight on my shoulders and therefore lack patience sometimes. Over all we do well, but days like yesterday require a deep breath and re-evaluation.

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